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APOZOMBIE is a game about apocalypse of zombie that; the Earth has been infected by a virus that put  the human being in danger,You are a Robot his name is Max you will wake up  on the Earth and find no one only zombies and dead robots,What happened? why are you here? Where are you going?  how could you save the Earth? you have to find the answers in a great journey,Survive and find all the record videos with your squire Syra to know your next Step.

Things you need to know:

things you need to know before playing the Game is; I made this Game by myself,Other people in the Credits just gave me advices they didn't put their hands into the dirt (of course their advices helped me) ,So you might will find few bugs  ,So please be patient before you judge  the Game.

I am making my game with very old PC (core i3,ram 3gb,dx 10) ,So it's so hard to make a game alone with this but, I thought about Uploading Updates to fix any bugs if there is or Remake the Game and to make the game even better and that will happen if only you want that (tell me in the comment). 


AWSD  keys to move,Space bar to jump,Left Shift to run,R key to Reload,Left mouse to shoot,Right mouse to Third Person view,tab to open notes,tips,skills and weapons,Esc key to open menu.

Help Us:

Help us by donating and Sharing Please, We will be Thankful to you,Donate if you can , Share the Game with your other friends,Rate the game ,Leave a comment ,any Appreciation from you to us,will make us better,and believe there's someone believe in us to keep going.Thanks for helping Us.



Have a nice time and enjoy saving the Earth in funny,great experience.


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Hey Man This Game Was Great. Dude Cant walk over sidewalks to well. but has no problem killing zombies... good job

Thank you for playing my Game,about the armor you will find upgrades as you progress in the game  and you will find notes to lead you to the story,Thanks again